Amaran Gems & Jewellery

Through diligence, expertise and hard work Amaran has built a very high reputation for Sri Lankan fine quality Calibrated and Free Size Blue Sapphires in all shapes, sizes, and colour grades to offer the best value for money.

As a futuristic organization, Amaran is committed to seeking excellent, consistent quality.

Our ascendancy in the field however, has to a large extent been contributed by our ethical values, which lie at the root of the firm’s corporate philosophy, Reliability, Trust, honest, straightforwardness and professionalism are the business pillars upon which Amaran is built, an approach that has garnered the respect of industry peers around the world for over 18 years.

We consider our partnership as a long-term commitment: this means our customers are guaranteed supplies of optimum quality and price.

Amaran was founded in 1989 as a lapidary, offering its skilled value adding gem cutting service, for faceting any type of rough gem stones varying from precious Sapphires to Semi-precious stones including brittle stones such as Kunzite, sent by the dealers all around the world.

Later Amaran Diversified into:

  • Heat –treatment of Sapphires
  • Fine quality Calibrated and Free Size Sri Lankan Sapphires
  • Larger Sri Lankan Semi- Precious gem stones
  • Innovative designing & Manufacturing Jewellery

Heat-treatment and faceting is done in house to guarantee complete control during the whole process and maximum quality.

Amaran is a member of National Gem & Jewellery Association, “Geuda” Heat-Treaters Association of Sri Lanka and International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA). The company complies with the highest ethical codes for fair trade practices.