Amaran Aesthetic

Amaran aesthetic is the sister company of Amaran Gems. It is an organization which is fully committed to medical excellence where the clients get the safest, the fastest and the most effective treatments to improve their skin texture and body contours. Amaran aesthetics practices only the medically recommended procedures which are evidence based and all the equipment in use possess FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval.

The team at Amaran Aesthetics includes an advisory panel comprising of four nationally recognized and reputed consultants who are board certified by the Post Graduate Institute of Medicine of the University of Colombo. The panel comprises of a Plastic Surgeon, two Consultant Dermatologists and a Neuro Physician. They constantly evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment procedures and can be consulted on the request of the client or the advice of the In-house doctor. All our treatments are done by fully trained technicians under the supervision & guidance by the in-house medical officer. The team’s training and experience on the subject is current and is of a high standard.

Each client is interviewed and examined by the house doctor free of charge without any pressure or obligation to proceed with treatment. It is ensured that each client feels well Informed, prepared, and comfortable prior to the procedure. Treatments are delivered with absolute care and compassion. Confidentiality and privacy is strictly upheld by both medical and reception staff.